Thursday, August 17, 2017

Earn $$$ Paths to NoBrokeDom

More Surveys & Apps

As with any survey company it’s all about the demographics, so no worries, there are a great many out there, and I’ve only been back doing surveys literally a few months, so I’ll let you know what I have in my rewards account, so you can see that it can be fruitful.

Things I’ve learned:
  • Clean out spam daily & Bookmarks are our friends
  • Set up folders - keep your survey registrations in a folder
  • Star items of importance, if you need to come back later
  • Pop up blockers you can block from specific domains – very helpful
  • Be honest and consistent
  • Set up your survey profile, will save you loads of wasted time
  • Be interactive on site, many have polls, chats, it’s nice to connect with that community

One Opinion

  • 25K to Cash out - e-Voucher GC - PayPal, Amazon, Visa - My Acct: 7250
  • 1st 5 surveys if you don’t qualify 50 points
  • Simple interface

Scale 1 to 10, I rate 5 seems I rarely qualify, get more points from not qualifying, so it’s a win either way.

Do you love FREEBIES as much as me, check out
$250 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


  • 500 points to Cash out. e-Voucher GC - Amazon, Walmart. Etc. My acct: 390
  • Poll Predictor – chances to win sweepstakes
  • Donate Points to various charities - BIG WIN
Scale 1 to 10 I rate a 9. When they send a link to a survey, most the time I qualify.

Want to save $$$ at the pump 
Sign up for Fuel Rewards 

Panel App OR not sure too sure why I have 2 different codes maybe because I have it on two different devices

Referral codes: me/6wr7 OR me/zn19
  • Simple app, use on my Android phone
  • Simple surveys take a minute or two, log in for points
  • Cash out at 1000 points $1 – E-voucher Amazon GC - My acct: 3150

Scale 1 to 10, I rate a 10 it’s about as easy of an app as it comes

E-Rewards simple interface. If you love Magazines this is the place for you. You can purchase magazines for $10, My Acct: $35.00 I’m waiting till I hit $70 for a $25 e-Voucher GC at Red Lobster.

I’ve listed these survey companies in previous blog posts, but wanted to let you know my rewards balance. Again, if you can click on my links that would just be fantabulous, just gives me a few cents here and there - it might add up.

And if you’re a young higher earning millennial you’re the peep they seek.

Cash out $50. My Acct $10.46

Cash our 500. My Acct: 454.

Cash out $30. My acct - $34.95 I can cash out

Appbucks - Android App - My Acct: 16,381 points, plus I made $5 for liking on FB with a uploaded screenshot.  50K points to cash out $100 *honestly other than checking in a few times a day I really haven’t figured this app out. 

Referral number M3FG74

(Redeem rebates by uploading receipts and scanning groceries) 

Android App One of my Favs $20 cash out. My Acct: $62.65 PayPal, Venmo, Amazon, and many more e-Voucher GC.

Referral code - 7ncag

Check Points - a fun Android App, very interactive Cash Out at 2500 points. My Acct: 108. PayPal, Amazon, and many more e-Voucher GC. Can’t say I’ve spent a lot of time on this App, but I like they have a video wall, games, and my fav scan items for points when you go into stores.  

Referral Code xxonebrokemomxx

Lucktastic - (GAME) – One of my Fav Android Apps. Min cash out for various online e-Voucher GC 10k.  My Acct: 28347 I can cash out for $5 e-Voucher they have tons of e-Voucher GC. I just play scratch off cards every day. You can earn points for downloading games [2000k] points a game I think, checking in daily, entering contests and referring friends.

Referal code – 6eVJCr

Unlock your phone screen app. 2K cash out. My acct: 1550. 2K cash out e-Voucher GC Amazon, Paypal.2K points $2

My Acct: 35,325 I can cash out.

GreatThoughts Surveys (Dowload for your Play Store)  an Android App – My Favorite App - I’ve cashed out 3 times and ready to cash out again – cash out at $10 through Amazon e-Voucher GC, I hear for iPhones it’s iTunes.

***I do not post anything here that I do not subscribe to or do personally. I will from time to time post items that I have not or not qualified to do, to give others a chance to make some easy money. Please, if anything I post is not what I’ve stated and you come across issues please let me know in the comment section. I strive for 100% legitimacy in this make a few bucks from home endeavor.

More to come:

My Soap box
Pinch Me

This is all new to me to some degree, and attempting to mitigate between desktop and mobile apps is a challenge. The majority of my links are referals, hoping to make a few cents here and there. So I'm just trying to fig out what works on both desktop and mobile platforms, thanks for the patience for all the links in my blog.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Test Download for 18-24 Year Old - Download app on Phone $30 a Month

Fill out the form and agree to terms. I did not do this gig, but got it from another fellow side giger.

Required Devices: iOS 8+ and Android 6+ smartphones (no tablets).

Do You Need to START Making Money for Christmas, or Beermoney for the weekend?

A few more ways to grab some Beerrmoney, Christmas money or just a few bucks for that unexpected thing that pops up, like your kid needs a new backpack or a pair of gym shoes.             

The first thing I would like to pass on, bookmarks are our friends, your email has folders very helpful, and always check your spam - keep it cleaned out. Now that’s out the way, on to the fun stuff.

If you could click on highlighted links, even if you don't sign up.

Vindale Research 

  • One of my favorite Survey Companies
  • Connects to a few of the oldest and most reliable Survey Panels in the Country
  • Minefield, Spring Board, Harris Poll Online, My Survey Panel, *Global Test Market, and **Pinecone Research
  • $5 Referrals & Payout $50
  • Added bonus - logging into your Discuss acct to chit chat on just about anything on Vindale Research blog site
  • Contests, daily question, and once you get a check, post a smiling picture of yourself holding the check, BAM $5 more bucks.

Scale of 1 - 10 I rate a 10

As with any survey company, it’s all about the demographics, so if you find yourself in, “I do not qualify” land, no worries another survey will be right around the corner.

Do you love FREEBIES as much as me, check out Just Free Stuff
Chance of winning a $250 Amazon Gift Card


  • Test Products, take surveys, sweepstakes
  • Join in the discussion in Topics, Polls, and Battles (very interesting).
  • This is a fun site, lots of things to do and very user-friendly. Seems like they always have a ton of surveys.
  • Payout 30K points - e-voucher they have a wide assortment of vendors

Scale of 1 to 10, I rate a 10

Want to save a few cents at the pump, sign up for Fuel Rewards 

*Global Test Market, I can’t seem to log into my account so can’t give you much on that particular survey company, other than they have a stellar rating.
**Pinecone Research when I signed up the other day, they said, “were not seeking anyone in my area.”

Again, it’s all about demographics, and if you happen to be a young high earning millennial, BAM you’re the peep they seek.

Be honest, take and your time. Do not sign up for multiple accounts, that will get you banned by many if not all of the survey companies. And I can’t emphasize the importance of filling out your profile with real life and real time data, will save your tons of wasted time.
A few more of My Favorite Survey Companies, more mentions in posts below.

And just thought I throw in another FREEBIE site because I love them.

There is not one site I recommend that I do not use myself, they are referral links, hoping I make a little something something, just to offest the costs of me finding these great ways to make a small passive income.

Monday, August 14, 2017

AARP Sending Some Love Earn 50$ if you Share your Story

"I sent a story of my Grams and my daughter and how we were very fortunate to have been able to spend quality time with her until she passed away. It was hard watching someone you love decline, but it was a rewarding experience. If you too have an experience to share, AARP might show you some love too."

I received my $50 e-gift card today.

Taken directly from an email I received today,

"Thanks again for sharing your story on AARP's I ♥ Caregivers and adding your voice to our growing community.
You can check out and share your story here:
You will receive your $50 gift card from Virtual Incentives.

If you selected an e-GiftCard, watch your inbox for an email from The Virtual Reward Center ( to arrive within 14 days.

If you selected a Gift Card delivered by U.S. Mail, watch for a plain white envelope to arrive within 14 days.
Millions of Americans across the country are helping their parents, spouses and other loved ones to live independently – all while juggling the many other responsibilities and challenges that life can bring. That's why we're trying to get as many people as possible to speak up so we can deliver for family caregivers and the vital work you do.

Help spread the word by forwarding the message below to your family and friends, asking them to share their own stories and experiences on I ♥ Caregivers." 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Side Gig for Lionbridge $15 for an 1 hour of your Time

Sign up and they will send you a link that uploads your voice, you will be uploading 530 various phrases.

Sally Beauty
B2G1 & 20% OFF

More Roads to Add Money to Your Pocket

I was on a FB post earlier and read a post from a woman whose child wanted Adidas. Yes, I can understand that want, my child also wanted Adidas Gym shoes. But, being a Mom with little means, I had a few avenues to travel in order to acquire the needed funds to get her the shoes my kid wanted. Did she get the shoes? Well yes, she did, and I'm going to tell you how I got the $$$.

Disclaimer, the majority of the links listed below are referral links. I dont make but pennies, but it will help offset the cost of all the hours I spend researching legitimate ways for anyone to make extra money. And I thank you very much if you do happen to click on the below links and sign up.

GreatThoughts - it is a mobile app that sends you notifications for surveys. They are my favorite. Why are they my favorite? Simple, you do not answer a million questions just to be 'not qualified,' a few questions and bam, you're in the survey or you're not. And if you're not they usually give you a dime for trying. Out of all the survey companies, they are my fav,  GreatThoughts pays 1$ a survey. I've earned about 38$ in the last 9 weeks.

Just go to your Google or iTunes play store to download to your device.

They pay by Amazon Gifts Cards for Android and iTunes for iPhones. Once redeems it takes less than a minute for you to receive your e-gift card in your inbox.

On a scale of 1 - 10, I rate a 10.

iBotta is my second favorite app. This is what I've made in a few months. Not buying anything I wouldn't normally purchase. Just click on the rebate or rebates that you want and take a picture of your receipt and bam, there ya go. It just couldn't be any simpler. I have it on an Andriod device and have never had an issue. They cash out through Paypal and Venmo - the minimum to cash out is 20$.

They happen to be one of my favorites.

On a scale to 1 - 10, I rate a 10.

And by the way, the person I met online today who wanted to get her child the Adidas Gym Shoes, was in this group Glitch Deals: it is a closed group, so if you want to save tons of $$$ be sure to check them out. A bunch of nice people and you will not believe how much money they save on so many different things. It boggles the mind, how they find all these crazy deals.

These links are only for apps.

A few more apps to find in the app store is Achievement, they actually pay you for linking up your Fitbit and other health apps. 

A few more apps for the healthy are Earthmile and SweatCoin. Earthmiles earns you discounts on healthy products and other various healthy areas of interest.

I love the Earthmiles app! Earn exclusive rewards from most exciting health and fitness brands when you walk, run or cycle. Get it here: Earthmiles or use my referral code upon sign up: ONE40WNP

SweatCoin Check out this app 👉 ... It pays for walking

Field Agent - they pay a few bucks to do various things at Grocery stores, restaurants and sometimes pay for the meal itself and throw in a few bucks. They pay through Paypal. I made about 40$ in two months just doing random things around my neighborhood.

Google Opinion - answer a few short questions a few times a week and in a month or so you have enough for a google play store movie, audible book, or music. Get paid for answering short surveys. 

Have anything to sell online try: LetGo I have sold plenty of items quickly. I didn't have a smart phone at the time, but my daughter had a smartphone at the time and now has a pretty great rating ATM. Now, I have a smart phone and no rating... FYI, always meet buyers a safe place, keep it public and in the day light hours. I've never ever had an issue meeting people from LetGo but it is always best to practice on the side of caution.

Love Free Samples try Pinch Me I've been with them a very long time because I just love samples and free stuff. Not too sure if this is an app or just for a desktop. I currently only have it on my desktop.

A few places to get coupons if you're like me and love saving even more money: Pillsbury P & G